zx7r service manual

Kawasaki ZXR 400 and ZX7R 750 workshop service manual

As an help for your next maintenance or engine rebuild you will find in this article two workshop service manual for your Kawasaki ZXR 400 and ZX7R 750.

Here we go ! Available are the full ZX7R 750 and ZXR 400 L service manuals. As they are scanned documents, there is no way to navigate quickly inside them so I splitted both of them into each chapters.

Kawasaki ZX7R 750 service manual

















Personnaly, I will directly use them to start the maintenance of my recently purchased ZX7R. It is in great condition but it will be nice to check some aspects of the bike with the right informations !

Kawasaki ZXR 400 L service manual

And the same process to let you download the ZXR 400 L model service manual …

ZXR400 L Chapter 1 – General

ZXR400 L Chapter 2 – Fuel system

ZXR400 L Chapter 3 – Cooling system

ZXR400 L Chapter 4 – Engine top end

ZXR400 L Chapter 5 – Clutch

ZXR400 L Chapter 6 – Engine lubrication

ZXR400 L Chapter 7 – Engine removal install

ZXR400 L Chapter 8 – Crankshaft transmission

ZXR400 L Chapter 9 – Wheels tires

ZXR400 L Chapter 10 – Final drive

ZXR400 L Chapter 11 – Brakes

ZXR400 L Chapter 12 – Suspension

ZXR400 L Chapter 13 – Steering

ZXR400 L Chapter 14 – Frame

ZXR400 L Chapter 15 – Electrical

ZXR400 L Chapter 16 – Appendix

ZXR400 L Chapter 17 – Supplement 1999 model

Kawasaki ZXR 400 H service manual

I don’t own a 400 “H” model but it will be probably usefull for some of you !

ZXR400 H Chapter 1 – general

ZXR400 H Chapter 2 – fuel system

ZXR400 H Chapter 3 – cooling system

ZXR400 H Chapter 4 – engine top end

ZXR400 H Chapter 5 – clutch

ZXR400 H Chapter 6 – engine lubrication system

ZXR400 H Chapter 7 – engine removal installation

ZXR400 H Chapter 8 – crankshaft transmission

ZXR400 H Chapter 9 – wheels tires

ZXR400 H Chapter 10 – final drive

ZXR400 H Chapter 11 – brakes

ZXR400 H Chapter 12 – suspension

ZXR400 H Chapter 13 – steering

ZXR400 H Chapter 14 – frame

ZXR400 H Chapter 15 – electrical system

ZXR400 H Chapter 16 – appendix

Now you have no more excuses ! Take a good coffee and start working on your motorcycle 🙂

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