ZX7R #1 : MRA double bubble racing screen (clear)

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I just bought myself a nice ZX7R, that is great :). But there is something I don’t really like on sportsbike …

A nice and preserved Ermax … but smoked … screen

Screens are probably one of the easyest parts you can swap on your motorcycle to fit your taste. And yes, it has been done on so many bikes from the 90’s era … sometime with taste but a lot of time … without.

My new (I mean, recently purchased ^^) ZX7R came with a smoked screen. The part is a great one (from ERMAX) but I must admit that there is something wrong with it.

The ZX7R is a big bike, especially the front of the motorcycle. Fairings are wide (thanks to the air ducts) and having a smoked screen seems to increase the “size” of the front. After looking at some models equiped with clear screens it seems that it helps reduce the size of the bike when you look at it.

So what to do ? Keep it as it is in great condition or change it ?

Already changed on my ZXR 400

I had the same thoughts when I bought my ZXR 400. In this case, you can’t tell that this is a “huge” motorcycle of course. But the green/yellow screen was not so nice and if you forget the ugly color, I found out that the MRA double bubble clear screen added a better shape on the front and helped protect me. Yes, I am 1m87 tall.

Also, the shape of the MRA is slightly different on the edge and it comes with a kind of “strip” that helps protect the part.

The decision came with a classifieds website

On the ZX7R, my priority is to proceed to a major maintenance. So I am not willing to spend tons of money for a new bubble.

But I decided to put the Ermax screen for sale on a classifieds website, to “try”. And bingo ! It seems that the price and part were right and in 2 or 3 hours I had a lot of requests from purchasers !

The part was sold really quickly and finally I headed for the new MRA Bubble as it will costs me only the difference (I think around 25 euros !).

The MRA double bubble screen on the ZX7R

You had a preview of the bike freshly purchased on the previous article, so here we go for two pictures with the new MRA screen installed !


Quality of the delivered screen is great, nothing to say about it. Very fast delivery from a German website also. The screen is well protected.

Just a thing : it does not come with the small rubber nuts so you will have to buy some or keep the one from your previous screen (what I did).


And the motorcycle with the brand new MRA screen just before reinstalling side mirrors (looks more … let’s say, racing yeah ^^).

Really happy with the modification and I had a nice ride in the Alps just after. I needed to go for a test, I’m sure you understand me 🙂 !

One thing I discovered during this ride : my front brake master cylinder needs a rebuild. No problem for braking but the dust boot on it is destroyed and I need to fix this.

Yes, I really think that brakes are important on a motorcycle for the driver’s security …

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