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What to buy when rebuilding your ZXR 400 ? A ZX7R !

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During the 2015 summer, I bought a nice Kawasaki ZXR 400 in the Netherlands. Nice bike but with a bit of a “lifetime adventure” on the way back home. Anyway, the bike runs great but with around 40 000 kms on the clock it is time for a BIG maintenance and a lot of work. But … sunny days are coming back and I need a ride 🙂 !

A Kawasaki ZX7R 750

What a face ! That’s what you already told yourself at least one time when looking at a ZX7R from Kawasaki. Straight from the golden era of race replica motorcycles due to the need for homologations, this is a bike every child or rider in the 90’s will remember.

And since a few months I must admit that it was one of the keywords entered into some of my usual classifieds websites.

Too far, too expensive … too slow ?

During all those searches I was able to find different kind of ZX7R for sale.

A few ones were really nice but way too far from my location. With the cost of getting there and driving it back those classifieds were far less interesting.

Some really nice examples also showed up but at incredible prices. Yes I agree, these are becoming harder to find in good condition but at around 6 000 € a nice model, you just simply switch to another classified !

And in some cases, I must admit that I have been a little bit too slow on some of the classifieds. Great deals are not staying so long on websites …

Wow … a red and purple decent mileage ZX7R close to my home !

Around a week ago, I found a nice red and purple example close tu my home (around 15 kilometers). My ZXR 400 is already looking like a real Kawasaki (I mean, green and white ^^) so why not switching for a nice but different color scheme ?

I quickly took an appointment with the seller to have a look at the bike and we had together a good discussion.

Bike had not so much history but it was clear that the 2 owners took great care of it.

Fairings in great condition (except a few minor chips), engine running great, good suspension and tires. We finally made the deal together for a good price and 2 days after, the bike was mine 🙂

Not too slow this time …

Bike condition

The bike is not fully but close to fully original. It could have been worse when we say what became tons of motorcycles from the 90’s … !

It has an aftermarket smoked bubble from Ermax. The rear mud guard has been swapped for a colored one under passenger seat.

The front turn signals have been reduced in size for some aftermarket ones. They look nice and I will probably keep them.

But the bad thing comes from the REAR turn signal : they are small and almost hidden under the rear seat ! Good looking but way too dangerous as I just want to be seen by other drivers when driving and changing directions.

They will be quickly replaced by some signals looking as the original ones, but smaller.

It seems that on this bike the exhaust headers are aging … let say, quickly and not so well. I’ve been lucky to buy a bike equiped with a full stainless steel exhaust from MIG. It is in good condition even if the carbon of the can has some missing clear coat.


Here are some pics of the bike during one of my very first drive a few days ago. Some more will come later of course !

Kawasaki ZX7R

Kawasaki ZX7R

Kawasaki ZX7R

Kawasaki ZX7R

What’s next ?

The bike is running great but as I do usually when buying a used vehicle, it is time for some maintenance.

The bike already got a brand new Yuasa battery but then we will go on more tasks :

  • Oil drain + new filter for the engine oil (Motul 5100 10W40)
  • Coolant drain
  • Brake fluids drain (front + rear + clutch)
  • New air filter
  • New gasoline filter
  • New set of NGK spark plugs (standard model)
  • Carb sync’

And probably another bubble : I will probably swith to a transparent one.

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