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3D files : Honda CRX BREMBO big brake kit

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Here we are finally ! You can get (for free) my own 2D and 3D files to upgrade the brakes on your DOHC-ZC Honda CRX 🙂

> You can go directly at the end of this article to download the files if you want (click here)

Hey, do you have the 3D files of your brakes ?

Yes, I have them. Or I must say “Yes, I had them” 🙂 ! I received a lot of requests from you reading my articles on my big brake kit front and rear and I would like to thank you very much for your interest in my build. This is really nice to see that something I did for my own use seems to interest people around the globe.

When I build my “big brakes”, I worked with some CAD files to send specs to the workshop. So I had the files quickly done but I also had to make adjustments on the parts.

So what I really had since a few years was … files needing an update and specs for the update partially missing. Nice 🙂

It took me some time to update everything but right now, I have something good enough to be shared with you !

Go big on the rear but keep the hand parking brake !

Most of the braking work on track is managed by the front side of the car of course, but the rear needs to have the right size as it stabilizes the car under big braking situations. With small rear brakes, the car will try to dance from right to left because of the wrong balance. And this is dangerous …

I was not happy to consider real “race” solutions like getting rid of the hand parking brake and going on a full network of braided brake lines. So the deal is simple : keep OEM calipers and pads and keep the hand brake working.

To do so, I found a set of bigger rear discs for another Honda (EP2 in europe) allowing to go from 239mm to a bigger 260mm size. Braking force given by the calipers will not change but the added braking force due to the lever arm increase will be enough.

So what you have about my rear brakes is the drawing of the mounting plate for an upgrade on a 1989 Honda CRX – european version (France). Please take time to check what are the possible differences with your CRX 😉


No more HEAT problems : full floating 282mm 4 pots BREMBO brakes !

If you own a DOHC-ZC CRX or CIVIC, you know that there is a problem on track with the OEM front brakes. Designed at a time where materials were way different, they are too small today to withstand heat increase during track use. Yes, you warp your discs after just a few laps, and that’s uncool …

To help dissipating the heat and be sure to have a proper braking force, I decided to go big. Real big for a CRX …

Front discs are build based on STOPTECH NSX FULL FLOATING ROTORS. They are 282mm in diameter. Rotors hats are custom made to fit the CRX knuckles … and it was not an easy task !

Calipers are purchased brand new and they are 4 POTS BREMBO. You can find them on OEM Renault CLIO RS and yes, they are RED :). They are installed on the knuckle with custom made mounting brackets.



3D FILES AND DRAWINGS of the parts

solidworks 3d files

Blablabla blabla bla … time for you to get your 3D FILES now 🙂

So here are the files you’re looking for :

> Front rotor HAT 2D drawing (.PDF) : Stoptech nsx 282mm rotor hat

> Front Brembo caliper mounting bracket drawing (.PDF) : Front BREMBO calipers bracket

> Rear big brake mounting bracket drawing (.PDF) : Rear right caliper bracket 260mm discs

> 3D FILES package (.STEP files in a .ZIP folder) : Honda CRX front and rear big brakes 3D files

I hope this will help you upgrading your car for the coming trackdays 🙂

IMPORTANT : please double check everything

It is a real pleasure to share with you my work … but please double check everything for your car before going to a workshop and give my drawings for machining.

This is a custom made solution for my own brakes, based on a 1989 phase 2 Honda CRX DOHC-ZC (France). There is a lot of differences in between knuckles or arms on many Honda cars around those years. You will get into a lot of troubles if you do not double check the configuration first on your car ;).

Also and as a disclaimer, I give those drawings for free and can’t assume any consequences on your use of those drawings. They are for track use only, not road legal, and of course I cannot be held responsible for you using my datas and having troubles with the system. You are the one and only responsible for using them :).

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