Red is faster

You must know that something red is always faster !

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Red is faster

10 months.

This is the number of months spent to start with a near-stock Honda CRX and finish with a stripped down, chassis and engine prepared Honda CRX VTEC.

And yes for me, it was worth it ! Since the first track day at Michelin’s headquarters in Ladoux, tons of details have changed on the car. But I’m just happy for one thing : I was able to keep homogeneity on the car.

Turning the project into a horsepower chase was just not possible and keeping the original engine with just a few small (or very expensive) upgrades to do on it was also a big issue for me.

10 months is the time spent with hands in drawings, tools and oil but the project really started 2 years before. Checking what kind of project I was looking for, what kind of parts are available on the market (new and used) and trying to manage a tiny budget in order to not stop everything with only half the way done.

And with homogeneity, lots of kilometers driven without loosing a bolt and 4 nice trackdays done it was already time to start thinking about next steps : STAGE-2 ! The great thing is that my car is red, it will certainly be very very fast after stage 2

Red is faster

A sleeper …

Red is faster

… with a warning message on the taillights ^^ !

Red is faster

I like the S2000 cluster so much !

Red is faster

Outside with a nice piece of crap : the bonnet. Yes, chassis and engine are my priority but I have to admit this : I have to do something for the outside of my car !!!

Red is faster


Red is faster

282mm front big brakes fits perfectly inside the 15″ OZ wheels.

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