The carbon fiber air intake mould fabrication

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After the original B16a swap, the OEM airbox system is replaced by a complete one coming (again and again ..) from a TYPE-R Integra. Filtering area is really bigger and even with an OEM type filter inside this will help the car breath easyer.

But with last upgrades on the engine and the next ones already in mind I was willing to use a bigger piping between filter and manifold to improve throttle response. I have to admit that I also really liked the look of some carbon fiber looking power chambers !

At the very beginning, purpose was to buy and use one of them. Later this intake system will be connected to a custom made big volume carbon ‘box’ to insulate the whole system and use only the best available fresh air ^^.

Let’s spend some more cash on internet and receive the intake a few days later …

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

Nice part, shinny and everything but when looking in details here we are : this is of course not a 100% carbon fiber part.

You have an outside real layer of carbon fiber but the rest of the part is made from fiberglasse. And the smell when cutting the part tells you something else : it’s not made with the best quality epoxy resin … No surprise I must tell !

But the real trouble is the next one. With my custom built and lowered engine mounts the part can’t seat properly in the bay. There is not enough room at all in 2 areas ! Selling the opened kit on the used market will just let me loose more money so I decide to keep it, use all hardware and filter and modify the main piping to create my own intake system.

What you can see on this picture is the brand new fiberglass piping under heavy modification. Cutted, filled with foam and covered with fiberglass and then filler.

What you can’t see on the picture is me covered in white with dust ^^ !

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

This part is used as the ‘master’ of the mould. You create the exact finished part you want to have at the very end (shape, size, details ..) and work it until you have it perfectly done.

Sand, check, fill .. wait .. sand .. clean .. paint in black to check again. Sand .., check, fill .. wait ……..

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

And do this around 8 to 10 times to get this result. Part is now covered with a last shinny black paint and ready to be prepared for the mould creation.

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

It’s been a while since I’ve not used modelling clay !!

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

It is used to finish preparation of the mould and fill-in the space between the master and the fake half mould created.

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

The job finished.

The fake half mould allows you to create a half first ‘real mould’ in fiberglass. This will cover everything. Once dried, remove everything from the half fake part. And you can finish the rest of the mould.

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

But prior to do something you need to use all your patience and wax the master. And you have to do it nice as the result depends directly of this step.

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

The first half mould finished and dried. Black areas are carbon fiber reinforcements for mould rigidity.

carbon fiber intake mould fabrication

Remove the ‘fake’ side you created. Wax again and then you can finish everything.

A dedicated article will be written to explain all this with more details.

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