STAGE-2 starts

More power and cornering speed : STAGE-2 starts !

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Moving into a B16a swap is a great opportunity to access a wide range of modifications and upgardes you can manage on your engine. Like I already said, the market is full of new and used parts for those engines.

I will not use this article to talk widely about engine preparation as this is not the place for but this STAGE-2 will follow STAGE-1’s spirit : homogeneity, reliability and a lot of homemade stuff !

Let’s go back to work ..

STAGE-2 starts

For all of you that were thinking I’m working in a big, white painted, lift equipped garage with big windows then … here is the reality ^^ ! I need to do a lot of efforts to stay organized in this tiny place but it’s better than nothing.

You can see something that was worth the investment on the top right : a 12 tons hydraulic press. Simple but good quality, and it changed my garage life !!

You can see that the job already began. Head and gearbox have been removed from the car and this was not an easy job alone !

I started to remove internals from the head (camshafts, …). We were talking organization before : here we are! Do everything you can (bags, pictures, drawings, boxes, …) but if you want to succeed in this kind of tasks on your engine or transmission, half the way to success comes from this !!!

STAGE-2 starts

More space in the engine bay. I made a quick cleaning of the bottom end of the block as there was an oil licking on top of the markings (headgasket).

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