Installing a brand new TANABE MEDALION exhaust

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With the B16a engine running on a 48mm pipe and a major part of the original steel transformed into nice pieces of rust, it was time for me to consider upgrading my exhaust to something better !

Here are some of the criterias I had in mind for my search :

  • Not a fuc**** noisy system as it will be a big issue both on road and track
  • No china style quality
  • Japanese brand or not I don’t care
  • Stainless steel
  • Max pipe diameter of 60mm in order to not drop exhaust gas temperature to low

I finally made my choice on a brand new TANABE MEDALION TOURING full exhaust.


Pipe diameter is 58mm (internal), 93 dB volume, stainless steel and it is a bolt-on fitment. The silencer is presented close to the SRS decat tube.

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust


EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

Muffler, really lighter than the Remus one that was on my crx !

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

Really nice welds

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

TANABE parts finally got me !

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

The silencer is very nice and well finished. There is all the needed reinforcements and I am not afraid about the life of the exhaust system.

EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust
EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust
EF7 CRX Tanabe medalion exhaust

Is it worth the price ?

The answer is cleraly : YES !

If you compare the price of such an exhaust system with the price of a cheap exhaust, I can understand that you have to fight with your computer mouse before clicking on the “BUY IT” button of the website.

But on this Tanabe system, the quality is here with no doubt. Everything is a perfect fit on the car, and you just have to tighten pipes correctly. I was even able to install everything alone …

Welds looks great as are looking the stainless materials. I had great feedback from guys who already have this exhaust on some CIVIC or CRX and they told me to go for it. The oldest one is installed on a Civic since 5 years, and everything is still in perfect condition.

Also, the sound is very nice and not so loud. So yes, this is worth the price !

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