Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

How to reduce weight with a fully homemade carbon fiber dashboard

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After a few months of hard work on the engine, gearbox and a lot of tests to check everything, things are moving forward on the CRX.

With the shorter final drive installed and the gearbox back on the car, I discovered a small oil leaking under the transmission … shit ! I was scared of having this oil leak coming from the casing assembly, but in the end the fault was on a driveshaft seal. During reassembly, the driver side seal was changed for a brand new Honda one but after only 1000 kms, it’s dead.

But now, problem solved and absolutely no leakings on either the engine or transmission ! So it’s time to show you more pics of my light is right stuff …

Homemade full carbon fiber dashboard

Car’s interior is completely stripped down, and the OEM dashboard has been cut to give clearance to the master cylinder clutch tank. Time to do something more … correct !

The full dashboard is made from epoxy resin and real carbon fiber. Shape is simple to help build a “one shot” mould which will be a lot cheaper to build. Due to the size of the part, the moulding process took time but in the end I was able to get a 800 gramms dashboard. Not so bad !!

Here is a picture after installation :


The carbon dashboard is adjusted and the cluster also receives a cap also made from scratch. I like this S2000 cluster swap so much 🙂

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

A closer look. Part is close to be finished and later, dashboard and cap will be covered with a black suede style fabric. This suede covering is necessary as there is too much sun reflection on the raw carbon parts.

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

A few days later, I also created a center console. The interior looks a little bit “better” and it gives me place to install the AFR gauge and some other buttons (warning, …). The OEM clock will be back in the car, I made a hole for it !

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

Suede covering to get rid of sun reflection

In the end, the full dashboard is covered with some suede fabric. Not so heavy or expensive, it helps a lot getting rid of all the sun reflection I had previously. It was very dangerous sometime …

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

A closer look … I like this S2000 cluster swap so much ! Oh … I already said that, no ??

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

Oh, I like this S2000 ……. Ok, stop now !!!! The OEM clock is not yet installed but the hole for it is already done.

Full CRX carbon fiber dashboard

My carbon parts are not “perfect” especially with a closer look, but my goal is not to make shitty chinese shiny parts. My goal is to get strong and light parts made of real carbon fiber !

Bride looking bucket seat

Yes I know, this is not a real Bride seat … but hey guys, I assume ! And if you take a look, you don’t see any false “Bride logo” on it. So it’s not a real fake …

I really like the shape of this seat and it was available in a European shop for a very good price so I quickly placed an order. I had a very good surprise with it.

Good quality, strong, not so heavy, and a lot lighter compared to the original CRX seat ! It is just a little bit tight for with a first test in my apartment.

bride bucket seat

A test ride confirm that this seat is a good investment. It is not moving at all and It finally fits me perfectly. It will do the job …

bride bucket seat

Carbon fiber steering wheel holder

I already had a snap-off for the steering wheel on the car and this is a good thing. It is nearly impossible to get inside the car without using it.

I made a small carbon fiber part for the interior in order to put my wheel when it’s removed. I let you have a look …

steering wheel holder

Ok I know, it’s a few more gramms in the car 🙂

steering wheel holder

After all of this, a quick view before the sun goes down …

EF7 honda crx shoot

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