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Finding inspiration : SSworks and Tsukuba playground

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The SSworks CRX, a true legend

Before purchasing the B16a for my CRX, I really spent a lot of time trying to find out exactly what kind of project I wished to start with my little Honda.

I finally choose to stay light both on chassis and on engine preparation and moving on a B16a engine allowed me to stay in the correct ‘engine period’ for the car. But the real target was also to not get extra weight on the front and let front drivetrains manage an efficient amount of power rather than an incredible quantity of horsepowers.

I’ve always been estonished by all those very efficient small cars like the Elise / Exige from Lotus and the LIGHT IS RIGHT philosophy really was the starting point of this incoming project.

The final way to follow was finally validated when I discovered this EF CRX from a shop & tuner called SS-WORKS in japan.

Front and rear big wings are not especially what I prefer on this car but the general build and all those small but efficient details made my decision.

I let you see some pictures of this amazing stroked 230 bhp front wheels drive CRX laping the TSUKUBA circuit close to a minute. A really nice result !

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