happy birthday crx

Can we say happy birthday after eight years of car ownership ?

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I bought this Honda CRX 8 years before, in july 2006. It had around 174 000 kms on it and the chassis is now close to 250 000 kms. I think this happy birthday is worth a small article !

AltImage.jpegWhen I look back on those last 8 years, I can see that this car has been through a LOT of tests, changes and modifications … and the funny thing is that in parallel, my own life has been through the same kind of evolutions ^^ !

I did not create this small article in order to tell that keeping a car for a long time is better than buying and selling cars every 6 months.

I think that, it’s just a different way …

But what I’m sure of now is that nothing falls from the sky, and keeping this honda crx in my hands and making it evolve was (and is still) a good adventure.

So see you soon for the 10 years anniversary !!

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