EF7 Honda crx big brake kit

A front 282mm 4 pots brembo big brake kit

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Front knuckles rebuild

As you already saw it in my previous articles braking power and endurance is not the top characteristic of a CRX. After attempts and mainly the track test of a full front ITR brake swap (282mm) … I had to move on another solution because vibrations problems still exists. They appear later, but they exists …

The excessive extra-weight added by the ITR setup is also a big concern. So here are some required specifications for the new setup :

  • Big ‘everything’ for longevity and air surface contact to evacuate calories.
  • Floating system … a real one. Not just rotors bolted to a hat.
  • Light calipers.
  • I don’t want to use 20mm spacers to fit everything

So so so … an idea for me please ? Nobody ? Hello ? ^^

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

The first decision was to get rid of the entire front VTEC knuckles and ITR setup. For 2 reasons :

  • My original knuckles are lighter
  • Mounting hears will be closer to the hub axle. This will help fitting everything under 15″ wheels.

Then let’s go for a knuckle rebuild as this one have more than 220.000 kms on the cluster ! Brand new extended roll center adjusters and new ball bearings.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

I’ve made special tools to remove and reinstall bearings correctly.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

Buddyclub LCA ready to be installed.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

Knuckles received also brand new extended ARP wheel studs. Here is a nice rebuild knuckle to start all measurements and 3D work for the brake setup …

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

Brand new upper triangles.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

New upper ball joint. The last remaining ball joint on the knuckle – the steering rack one – will be also replaced by a new one.

Homemade Brembo big brake kit

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

Some hours of measurements and CAD design later … my friend Alain tells me that my custom designed hat are ready !! Nice parts !

They are machined into a high grade aluminium alloy and receives the set of rotors shown on the picture.

They are fully floating (both in axial and radial direction) mounted rotors from STOPTECH. 282mm for the diameter and 28mm for the thickness. It’s the reference for NA1 Honda NSX.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

When checking hat and rotor assembly, I was not really happy to discover how the two parts are positionned together.

There is no way for the air to go ‘in between’ the two elements and I sent back hats for some machining. You can see the added grooves between each holes.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

With the rotor installed, you can see that those grooves will help having an air circulation between the inside and outside area of the disc.

EF7 Honda crx brembo big brake kit

Stainless steel mounting brackets for calipers. Thank you Alain … agaiinnn ^^ !!!

EF7 Honda crx big brake kit

I had a great opportunity to buy a brand new set of BREMBO calipers and it was not possible for me to miss it. They are really light and are originally mounted on CLIO RS of the 3rd generation. Pistons have dust seals for a better protection and you can find a lot of different braking pads for those one. A good deal !

All bolts and nuts comes from a specialized shop and have a higher quality grade. It’s not cheap but for the brakes, this is worth the price !

Go have a look at the end of this page, you’ll find my 3D files availables for DOWNLOAD !


Clearance between calipers and 15″ wheels is ok but I’m using 5mm thick spacers for track purpose.

> DOWNLOAD 3D files for HAT & caliper BRACKET !

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    1. Yes I can send you the files. But I think I will try to create an article to SHARE THEM with everyone interested. I will try to upload it quickly but I am very busy. Please come back to check and ask me again if I forget to do the job !!

  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. I totally forgot to check your page again. But you can email me at david@kaneda.at or add me on facebook. there you will find me also as “Dave Kaneda”, would maybe be easier to share information and talk about tech stuff. ^^

  2. Hey Yogi great project!!

    Maybe we can help each other! I am looking for the CAD files for the big brake kit. In return, I can offer my help. I am coming from the UK to France in August, I am happy to bring any parts with me you need. Here we have lots of Honda parts, if you need something I’ll bring it over!

    My email is benmartin1984@googlemail.com thanks!

    1. Hey thanks for the offer … but I can provide the CAD files for free no problem ;). On my side I’m busy like hell and it’s been a long time since I already received the same request … I just need to find time and finalize the update of my old 3D files for the Brembo brakes. It’s 80% done … I will try to finish it A.S.A.P. and create a new article for it. Thanks for your interest !!

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