ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

ITR master cylinder upgrade with brake stopper

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After reading my first articles, I suppose you noticed that my project will not be the craziest build ever seen on a EF chassis, or the baddest B-series preparation of all time. Because you’ve probably noticed that my main goal is to maintain or upgrade a high level of homogeneity on the car’s general handling and feeling.

Those 90’s EF chassis are fantastic but suffers from different defaults for a confortable and secure track use. And brakes are one of them. But why … ?

Do you know what is asbestos ? Today it is a forbidden and unused material of course but in the 90’s there was asbestos fiber added inside braking pads. So what’s the relation with a lack of braking ?

Asbestos allowed – for the same ‘braking configuration’ (discs and pads size, power applied on braking pedal, and so on …) – to have a more performant friction coefficient between discs and pads during braking and this was obtained at a lower temperature level. Consequences are clear : to have the same braking with OEM braking system on a EF chassis with today’s materials, you need to hit the brake pedal harder and heat-up your components.

So of course, they will die faster … no secrets !

I made the decision to move on big brakes on the CRX for the following reasons :

  • Have a bigger general braking power. But this will be done on both front and rear brakes to keep the same balance between the two sides of the car.
  • Have a lower brake temperature to help keep components in the area ‘safer’ (heat has big consequences especially on axles grease and wheel ball-bearings)
  • Lower costs on both discs and pads on track days.

Before working on discs and calipers themself I decided to install a 1″ brake master-cylinder coming from a TYPE-R Integra. This comes from a ABS free car. This piece will help having a slightly bigger fluid displacement as my calipers will get bigger pistons … or perheaps more pistons ^^.

ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

New master cylinder. If installed on a EF chassis with its Integra master-vacuum system, this is a bolt-on modification (except for the piping). But I will only install the master-cylinder and needs to solve a small issue …

ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

… Holes are not facing each-others when installed on the EF MV. Let’s go for some metal welding and grinding to get a nice adaptive plate !

ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

With the plate finished, time to reinstall things on the car. You’ll have to change brake piping shape to fit with the new master cylinder.

ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

Master-cylinder in the bay with all pedals reinstalled in the cockpit. More welding by creating a strong MC stopper for brake feeling improvment.

ITR brake master cylinder upgrade

Ready to burn some brake pads now !

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