Honda CRX homemade rear big brake kit

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Firsts driving tests with improved front brakes (282mm) clearly revealed a balance problem between front and rear brakes. Under heavy deceleration, rear wheels are dancing from left to right like when you’re watching a Grand Prix motorbike at the end of the straight line. As the balance feels not so safe anymore, I decided to work on a rear big brake kit for the CRX.

Again, a good and easy to install solution was given by the TYPE-R DC2 Integra as the rear calipers can be installed on the stock rear CRX arms. This allows to jump from the OEM 239mm discs to a 260mm setup.

But, also like for a lot of parts coming from a DC2 Integra, used parts are difficult to find and really expensive. And when you’re lucky enough on a pair it has 150.000 kms on the cluster and needs a total rebuild (seals, rusty pistons …).

It was hard for me to consider doing this again as my OEM rear calipers where fully rebuilt 2000 kms before. This is why I finally decided to move on my homemade solution : machined mounting plate for the rear OEM calipers on 260mm discs. I keep my rebuilt parts, parking brake and will have more braking power due to the longer pad distance from the axle (lever arm).

CRX Rear big brake kit

My plates out from the machine shop : thank you Alain !

Parts were CAD (Computer Assisted Design) designed and 3D files directly sent with drawings to my friend Alain. I will probably put 3D files and drawings of those plates for download in a few days.

CRX Rear big brake kit

Removing rear main nut : far easyer than for the front !!

CRX Rear big brake kit

Hub and bearing removed. 4 bolts have to be removed to get rid of the OEM mounting plate.

CRX Rear big brake kit

Some small areas on this surface were not protected by the OEM plate and were very rusty. You have to remove rust prior to installing new plates because with the surface is not flat at all ! On this picture the job has been done.

CRX Rear big brake kit

New plates bolted-on. And yes I feel guilty … holes for the caliper are not perfectly round. I had to re-drill them because of a 2mm error on radial measurements. Shame on me ^^ !!

The 3D files have now been updated for a perfect fitment of course.

CRX Rear big brake kit

Hub back in place.

CRX Rear big brake kit

And a brand new rear 260mm big brake kit installed ! Discs are coming from a diesel EP Honda car. They have a perfect fitment and same characteristics as the original discs :

  • Hub centering
  • Offset
  • Thickness

CRX Rear big brake kit

Plate is designed to ensure perfect use of the parking brake. Just re-install everything and you’re done !

> DOWNLOAD 3D files for caliper BRACKET !

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  1. Hi, you could use some Rover/MG 260mm (4×100) brake discs and ITR calipers and have done this brake upgrade a lot easier.

    1. Yes you are right and I knew that it was possible to do so at the time I made the rear brake upgrade. But Integra rear calipers are hard to find and not cheap. As I did a full rebuild of my own OEM calipers I decided to go this way in order to keep them and reduce the modification cost (you often need to rebuild the used calipers you can get …). I am really happy with my mod’ : I got the right amount of braking needed on the rear 🙂

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