Front knuckles rebuild and ITR big brake kit

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I must say that the ‘Lego’ possibilities with Honda cars are fantastic ! I continue to play with my toys and move on the full front knuckles rebuild with big brakes installation. Here are the specs :

  • OEM knuckles are swapped for knuckles out of a VTEC civic version.
  • Calipers will be NISSIN 17CL15VN from a TYPE-R Integra
  • OEM pads
  • 282mm new EBC discs (Rover MG-ZR reference)
  • New wheel bearings
  • New extended ARP wheel studs

Swapping the knuckles was needed to have a bolt-on installation of the ITR calipers. Everything seems to be ok but I must say I’m a little bit worried with one thing : the extra-weight added with this new setup …

ITR big brake kit

ARP studs and aluminium extended wheel nuts. I’ll go back very quickly to steel nuts as I don’t trust those one anymore !

ITR big brake kit

Just received my ITR calipers. WoW, they look ugly …

ITR big brake kit

… but after a big cleaning and piston removing, here we are : no rust at all inside ! Calipers will be rebuilt using brand new OEM Honda seal kits.

ITR big brake kit

Knuckles ready for a bearing press-in. Thank’s a lot Alain for letting me use your 40 Tons press !

ITR big brake kit

Knuckles back on the car and braided brake lines connected.

ITR big brake kit

One view ..

ITR big brake kit

Another view ..

ITR big brake kit

.. And my new set of shoes ! OZ ultraleggera, 15″ x 7″, less than 5 kilos for one raw wheel. And happy to be lucky.

ITR big brake kit

Lucky because it was impossible for me to test wheel and ITR calipers clearance before buying the whole set.

ITR big brake kit

Enouch clearance on both radial and axles direction.

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  1. Hi there , the links to the picture are broken ? was interested in reading your write-up as I are planning to do something similar

    1. Hi, thanks for the information ! Some links seems to be broken due to a Domain name modification, I will solve this issue as soon as possible.

  2. Hello,
    I want to change the brakes of my 1997 del sol from actual 262mm rotors to bigger ones using ITR caliper 16CL15VN. As those are 23T parts I think that I can only install 23mm rotors or thinner but reading you article I see you installed MG ZR rotors that are 25mm thick and should not fit.
    Can you please share how you did it ? did you rework the calipers or the rotors? Do the EBC rotors fit directly.
    Thank you very much for your time ….. JOliveira

    1. Hello ! Thanks for your comment. It’s been a while since I worked on the front brakes modifications, especially before the full floating NSX setup with BREMBO calipers. As far as I remember, I did NO MODIFICATIONS at all to fit both discs and calipers.

      My calipers were 17CL15VN, fully rebuilt. EBC MG ZR rotors were installed bolt-on. The only thing that was not original was extended lug nuts on th hubs, but this has nothing to do with the brakes.

      The only detail I have is that the brake pads were from TRW. Perheaps I tried to check at this time the pad thickness … some seems to be thinner than others.

      But in the end, bolt-on for everything :). Just like a LEGO game as usual with Honda !

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