crx energy master kit

Energy bushings master kit installation

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With close to 240.000 kms on the cluster, car’s handling suffers from cracked and destroyed 20 years old bushings. To work as a team with my new set of B8 Bilstein, I ordered a full bushings kit from Energy Suspension Parts.

Here is a global view of the master kit received from Energy :

crx energy master kit

Everything’s included : user manuals, special grease in good quantity for installation. Be carefull when ordering as some needed bushings are not included in the master kit (the big rear trailing arm one for example).

crx energy master kit

Always be organized when working on your car ^^, this will save you from a lot of troubles.

crx energy master kit

Flying Delorean style !

crx energy master kit

Bushings looks strong.

crx energy master kit

Finishing the front.

This job is not so difficult or technical … if you have the right tools. With 200 000 kms on the cluster, you will probably need (like me) to use a press to remove old bushings from arms.

But the worst is yet to come : the big bushings on the rear control arm. With the energy kit, you need to keep the outer cage of the old bushing. So, no press use at all. The right technic is to BURN IT and remove all the inside of the crappy part. Clean the outer cage, apply special grease … and slide the new bushing in.

It’s not so hard, but it is long, crappy, dusty … ok I stop here :). Enjoy !

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