How to upgrade pedals for a hydro clutch conversion on a CRX

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Moving on a hydro actuated gearbox needs to modify the OEM cable system on pedals. No problems on gearbox side but it’s time to work on the master-cylinder clutch plate under the dashboard

As usual : OEM Honda parts if possible !

As I usually do on this car, I prefer to use brand new (or used ..) OEM Honda parts instead of cheap china stuff. I decided to buy two new master cylinders to build my system, both coming from a TYPE-R Integra.

They will be connected together with a homemade stainless steel hose.

The system is not so complicated but requires a lot of measurements and drawings to fit everything correctly. So stop talking and here we go for more pictures :

Master cylinders are from NISSIN, of course …

honda hydro clutch conversion

The main mounting plate prepared

honda hydro clutch conversion

Clutch fluid tank. I will use a DOT4 fluid as adviced by Honda

honda hydro clutch conversion

The axis for pedal mounting is machined from a screw.

honda hydro clutch conversion

Pedal welding to make a ‘real’ hole for the master-cylinder. One side of the hole has a lack of material but it’s not a problem as the force will be applied on the part along the red arrow.

honda hydro clutch conversion

The body done and lightened !

honda hydro clutch conversion

honda hydro clutch conversion

Fitment tests

honda hydro clutch conversion

honda hydro clutch conversion

honda hydro clutch conversion

Good news : it works great ! The pedal is smooth and everything fits (not perfectly) … but it fits ! The entire system is simple and strong and this is all I need.

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  1. Very awesome. I just came upon your website after punching in some keywords on google. I am glad I did. Me and my little brother are trying doing a k20z1 swap into his crx. Have come upon alot of issues. I want to help him out as much as possible. Is there a write up or something you can share regarding the dimensions and all the pieces needed to make that cable to hydro bracket? Thanks. Will def be watching this site more:)

    1. Hey, thank you for you nice comment. Sadly, I did not make and keep drawings of the parts I created : they were all made “on the fly” … so it is not possible for me to share this with you like I did with my 3D brakes files ! Hope you will find solution to do it, this is not so complicated 🙂

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