honda dohc zc

EF7 Honda CRX #11 : bye-bye DOHC ZC

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Japanese design

Before being able to remove the engine from the bay there is a lot of work to do on the car. I must say I’m still really impressed by the general design of those japanese cars. Going from the complete car to a bare engine bay is done by using only a few tools :

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hex sockets : 10 / 12 / 14 / 17
  • A long steel bar in case you need to apply more torque on a bolt
  • Some tape or cutter for small tasks

I will not describe the situation I faced in the past when I decided to change the timing belt on my 1L9 Peugeot 205 GTi ! Just one illustration : the timing cover is attached with 7 screws on the side of the engine. On 7 screws you can find different diameters and there is even not 2 screws with the same lengths … oh god !

One important thing is to ‘prepare’ your datas for the next step. The engine will be out of the car and sold quickly. When time will come to install the new engine I would’nt like to forget where this part was or which wires have to be connected on this plug … I spent time taking a lot of pictures and drawing schemes to be sure having the right information in case !
Finishing to prepare the end of a story !
honda dohc zc

A simple tool to avoid a lot of trouble

honda dohc zc
THE TOOL : you’ll have to remove the gearbox shift links prior to finalize the job. And this simple tool will help you keep your blood cold for this step !
You have to remove the link pin on the transmission housing and this one is hardly settled. This screw has the right diameter for the job. But you have to hit it very hard with your hammer and it will be difficult for you to hold it in the right position. I machined a small centering device (on the right side of this picture) to help the screw stay aligned with the pin. One punch … and it’s done !

Electric lifter !

I must admit that even if I did the entire removal procedure alone, I had a great help. Here is a view of my yellow friend doing the hard job (and saving my back …)
honda dohc zc
The DOHC ZC engine out. Removed in the morning and sold in the afternoon. No time to get dusty in the workshop 🙂
honda dohc zc
honda dohc zc
honda dohc zc
Buyer told me that the engine is meant to be installed in a EF civic. The original engine is dead and as this car is a daily drive, no time to loose. A healthy 240.000 kms DOHC ZC engine will be great for this civic.
Bye bye little DOHC ZC engine !
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