b16a vtec engine

EF7 Honda CRX #9 : VTEC STAGE-1

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The VTEC choice

Hey, is your car the VTEC version ? Yes, this question comes back quite often ! So let’s go straight on the new heart of my project : a DOHC VTEC 1.6 liters B16a engine.

Choosing a B-series engine seems to be the best way as Honda equipped tons of their cars with those engines. A lot of their parts can be swapped between two different engines, you can find tons of used parts and the market is full of performant parts to help you reach your goals as a rookie-tuner !

Other VTEC options

K20a : found on the EP3 euro TYPE-R Civic or on the DC5 TYPE-R Integra, I choose not to consider this option. Price for an engine is too high and installation in the engine bay will require a LOT of work. At the end, the major problem will be the height position : clearance between oil pan and the ground will be to small !

B18c TYPE-R engine : with 195 hp stock, this engine is ‘THE’ option to swap a B-series engine into your car. But finding a low mileage, good price and good health used engine is not an easy task. I’m definitely not a horsepower freak and prefer to have potential with both engine and chassis.

The B16a engine is definitively the solution to all my problems ^^. 1.6 liters, DOHC VTEC and a very very good rod/stroke ratio makes it a strong, high revving and powerfull unit. With a lot of potential at a low price !

Hey B16a, where do you come from ?

The owner of a VTEC CRX putted his engine up for sale after he crashed the car on the road alone under wet conditions. Luckily (for me ..), the crash destroyed the rear of the car ! We made a deal on the following parts :

  • B16a engine
  • All accessories (intake and exhaust manifolds, lambda sensors, …)
  • Full engine harness
  • Full interior harness
  • ECU
  • Some small stuffs … !

But more importantly, I was not buying a dusty powerunit stored in the back of a garage since years. This was an engine running well a few weeks before, with a lot of maintenance invoices !

To finalize the swap, I also started to look at a B-series gearbox. Let’s forget the S80 TYPE-R model as it is also very expensive on the market. I putted my eyes on a freshly imported S9B gearbox.

This one is well known for 3 things :

  • Having good gear ratios from 1st to 5th : good !
  • Having a long final drive of 4.2 : bad !
  • Having the most important thing I was looking for : factory equipped with exactly the same LSD as the one coming into the TYPE-R Integra gearbox !!!

Time to drive back to the workshop with all my toys.

b16a vtec engine

VTEC is the pattented system designed by Honda to allow cam changes on the engine under various running conditions (mainly LOAD and RPMs).

New heart : B16a VTEC engine

B16a power unit with all harnesses.

b16a vtec engine

Complete with all accessories !

b16a vtec engine

Clutch will have to be changed due to the different size of S9B gearbox.

b16a vtec engine

Maintenance invoices from the previous owner. Quite rare when you buy an engine alone …

b16a vtec engine

B-series gearbox : hydro S9B with LSD

S9B gearbox with factory VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) on it. It is factory equipped with a TYPE-R Integra Limited Slip Differential (LSD) … a nice upgrade for trackdays !

b16a vtec engine

b16a vtec engine

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