honda crx situation

EF7 Honda CRX #8 : the next episode

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2010 : 4 years, 50.000 kms and a few track-days later. What’s next ?

What I know is that if I follow advices and compare my car to a lot of projects distilled on various forums, I need to install enormous sway-bars, go on bigger wheels, change my intake for a cold air system, install a lighter flywheel and so on. Why not ? But if I disconnect myself from Internet (hard to do no ^^?), what do I really want to do with this car ? What are my feelings ?

Let’s start with a healthy thing : dreams. Like for everyone, I have to deal with my bank account situation and buying my dreamed supercar is not yet possible. I’m quite sure that you starts understanding my love for the Honda brand and especially my love for race-specs NA engines. And since the model was released, the Honda S2000 is quite well settled in my spirit ! This can be a really good option to move on … Thanks to good friends, I had the opportunity to drive the car both on road and on track. It’s well balanced and woow this F20c engine ! A few simulations and calculators later (yes, some calculators were severely damaged due to wrong results given ^^), it seemed possible for me to spend time on classifieds websites. But …

… I also had to deal with something : buying a car, feeling up the gas tank and going on track with it is nice. But even if driving excites me, I really think that I even prefer to build stuff ! And building a track-day car based on a Honda S2000 will raise the price of everything : insurance, parts, gasoline (yes, my bank account is still a kind of rev limiter !). And eating rice every day all year long to save money and buy performance parts is also not my cup of tea …

Back on the Honda CRX, I made a list of positivs and negativs elements of the car :


  • A very good chassis and handling
  • A clean body (just a few little rust spots, easy to fix)
  • Never crashed !
  • Low budget


  • A lack of power
  • No LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
  • No performance parts availables for the DOHC ZC engine

No need to say that going on a turbo setup never crossed my mind !

honda crx at le mans bugatti track

honda crx situation

Decision was made to go back on classifieds and start to look at was is available on the market. I spent a lot of time mixing informations, parts prices and technical informations in order to find a way for the STAGE-1 CRX …

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