rust removal crx brand new fender

EF7 Honda CRX #7 : bye-bye rust

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In 1989, steel sheets quality and their treatments were good but not as good as they are today. And if you own a civic chassis, you know were rust is mainly located …

It’s an enemy you have – or will have – to face if you own old cars. In the civic situation, there are aftermarket parts available to replace a rear rusty fender. But it’s not a complete part, only the bottom section of the arch.

After a lot of reflexion and discussion with my coachbuilder we decided to swap the old left fender by a brand new Honda one. A few phone calls later, we finally found one in a european Honda dealership (not in France as the part was out of stock).

Thank you Pascal for the fantastic job done !

rust removal crx brand new fender

Oups !! Something’s missing here ..

rust removal crx brand new fender

The old fender is removed using the factory assembly weld spots. It’s also a good opportunity to check the rest of the body for rust. Looks good except on 2 small places around the windshield (this will be fixed later when installing my homemade carbon sunroof plug).

Tadaaa !!

rust removal crx brand new fender

And no I didn’t work on the picture with photoshop before writing this article ^^. My new camera does a better job with colors !

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