bilstein b8 suspension ef7 crx

EF7 Honda CRX #5 : new suspension

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Buying the car in a near-stock condition was a good deal but I knew that some parts replacement will be necessary. Replacing the 190 000 kms old dampers is now a quick necessity !

After my 15 000kms on the road and a more accurate feeling on track, it’s clear that the suspension setup is not in good condition and I must say sometime dangerous. The budget is now more confortable and I start looking for a brand new setup.

Let’s directly forget cheap setups, or lowered coilovers springs added on a ‘stock type’ damper.

I was interested in a set of KW full coilovers setup, with adjustable height and hardness. But I really understood that this kind of adjustments was not what I was looking for. KW really sells quality parts but I decided to lowered the budget a little bit and stay focused on the main goal : lower the original car height of around 30mm with an adapted damper and install a product that prooved it’s durability.

Bilstein quality

Different setups were on the short-list and my choice went on a set of Bilstein B8 dampers combined with -35mm H&R springs. And no, I didn’t made my decision because of the ‘Nürburgring sticker’ on the damper body … ^^

bilstein b8 suspension setup

bilstein b8 suspension setup

Shiny brand new parts. Hard to think that they will be dirty in 20 kms !

Before surgery …

bilstein b8 suspension setup

Front done !

bilstein b8 suspension setup

Be carefull : You’ll need a spring compressor to dismantle the OEM dampers and reuse some parts on it.

bilstein b8 suspension setup

Rear done.

bilstein b8 suspension setup

And the finished result on the CRX before the first drive :

bilstein b8 suspension ef7 crx

Even with the lowered setup (-35mm), rear side of the car remains a little bit high. This will be better after a hundred of kilometers.

Suspension road test

Before installing dampers, I decided to find a small route in the area to ‘test’ old parts in different conditions. Uphill, downhill, bumps, corners … everything mixed to build a kind of reference.

After installing it, let’s do the same route again. And the comparison is worth the time and price spent on the setup !! Holly sh** I now own a supercar ^^. No more pumping and the feeling of driving the car like on a railway comes first. I can also notice more stability between front and rear under big brakings.

Definitely a good decision to move on new quality dampers !

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