EF7 Honda CRX #10 : workshop drop

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More and more track oriented, the car has already been stripped down (rear). Today, serious things starts ! Time to drop off the car at the workshop and move on STAGE-1 of my preparation !

Removing the hood

Big job done when arrived at the workshop, we … removed the hood :). Easyer to take a picture, and keep a “souvenir” of the DOHC ZC engine !


Rear left view as you can see. Picture looks greater than reality …


A quick look inside. As you can see, the old leather steering wheel was replaced by a Sparco one. The reason ? The old wheel was too small … this one is now a 350mm and this is really better !


What’s next ?

Today is drop day, and that’s all. But serious work will begin next time as I have already sold the engine with gearbox for a good price.

The bad side of the situation ? I have to remove the entire engine from the bay alone as my friends will not be in the area for a long time. My first engine removal ever, and I am on my own … !!

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