ef7 crx oz wheels

A set of 15 inch OZ wheels for my car !

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Time to change my old tyres on the CRX. But I am thinking … it is also perheaps time to get rid of those ugly wheels !? And they are not in perfect condition at all.

I decide to look for a used set of 15″ wheels with a 6.5″ or 7″ width. Those dimensions will be good for the car dynamic behavior and will help me having a big choice of road and performance tyres.

The winner is a set of 15″ gunmetal alloy wheels from OZ. They were sold on a few Renault Sport models (Clio RS). The set is not brand new and they have scratches, but the color is nice and they are “round” :).

ef7 crx oz wheels

Looks better right ?

ef7 crx oz wheels

The last thing is : I have to do something for the height gap between tyres and fenders ^^ …

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