crx at charade track

A family affair at the Charade track

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As tells the expression : “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Purpose here is not to talk about all his life but the vehicle side of it was not so boring …

Let’s start the recipe with a 50cc motorbike when young, and then continue with a triumphs TR3 and TR4 not so later, come back to 2 wheels with nothing else than a 350cc and then a 500cc 2 stroke Yamaha RDLC … Oh and I also remember playing with a gear selector on a 1989 Suzuki 750 GSXR in the house garage and trying to be a race champion when 12 years old !

A legendary track : CHARADE

So it was time to share some track experience with my dad (we will call him ‘moustache man’ you’ll see why ..) and the selected track is Charade, again close to Clermont-Ferrand. Weather was ok and it was a good opportunity for 2 rookies to share together.

Charade track is just absolutely fantastic despite a cruel lack of power going uphill with my small 1600cc 4 cylinder engine. And for sure, Charade is just a first step on that kind of track as I will discover later Dijon-Prenois my favorite one !

crx at charade track

Caught in action ! Side walls proximity with the track is pretty scaring but helps concentrate on the most important : clean driving techniques.

crx at charade track

Moustache man ! Sorry dad this article is now saved and it’s impossible for me to change this name … ^^

2nd time for the EF7 CRX

No big modifications on the car before except installation of a brand new timing belt. The blue valve cover color was not the best choice but it’s cleaner than the old black crappy one that was falling apart.

crx at charade trackPlease note the Spoon brake master cylinder cover : no this will not bring +5hp to your engine but this is a great help avoid leakings. This is a common trouble on track and as you may know, brake fluid is very corrosive.

A rear view of the car, cooling down a little bit just after a drive on the charade track

crx at charade track

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