EF7 Honda CRX

Buying a used and stock EF7 Honda CRX

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The start

After a successfull driving licence exam in 2001, my first steps in the automotive world were made with a fantastic … Citroën Visa ! What an experience I must say …

This car was the 5 door model but unfortunately not the ‘115hp GTI’ one that will appear a few years later on the brand catalog. Our family Visa was factory equipped with a brave 50hp gasoline engine, was painted in a light blue/grey color (while some panels on the car was painted in … other colors !) and had more steering column clearance than a Willys Jeep !

But I must say that the essential was here. A real petrolhead father that after a few drives together started to teach me the heel-and-toe technique, chewing-gum brakes and suspensions so old that you’re sicker in curves than on a boat. It was a very good school because in that kind of cars, there’s a lack of everything. Power when you’re ready to overtake something, brakes when you take all your bravery to reach 90 kmh and have to face a traffic jam …

I can tell a lot about this funny car that served us very well. But it was time to move on something bigger after 2 years. Regarding budget and insurance questions, the Honda CRX with the DOHC ZC engine was a dream. But finally my decision was made for a dark-green 1L9 Peugeot 205 GTI. And this was the right model : 130hp, a lot of torque around 3000 rpm and no catalyst from factory to get all the potential from the engine.

For my first sport car, I think that passion was lowered by some rationality. I will find more parts at a lower price for a french car compared to an import one, garages in town will be more efficient on this model …

By the way, after a few years of pleasure and a higher driving skill, the car was stolen and found a few days later. To use a simple picture : do you remember the flying Delorean car in the Back To The Future movie ? If you have in mind the Delorean’s takeoff, with wheels below the car body you can imagine how was my GTI with wheels in the same position. Folder closed !

Time to search for a new car. And my passion for high-reving naturally aspirated engines came back fast ! After a few weeks, my choice went on a EF7 Honda CRX found in the south of Paris :

  • 1989
  • 172 000 kms
  • Red
  • 130hp DOHC ZC engine without catalyst from factory
  • Stock except 15″ aftermarket wheels and a (too short) intake system

Purchase price and insurance were correct for my budget because the B16a VTEC version of the CRX was too expensive on both criteria.

EF7 Honda CRX : a good opportunity

Let’s have a first look at the car. A reason for such an intake ?!

EF7 Honda CRX

A 1989 red japanese body … not so bad, but not soooooo good !

EF7 Honda CRX

2 good points for this car : original paint (no crash hidden under a fresh paint) and no rust except small spots on rear fenders. But it’s the known sickness of this model !

EF7 Honda CRX

Yellow bulbs … old school !

EF7 Honda CRX

Back home and OEM airbox

Back with the car downtown. Tyres are TOYO T1S and are in good condition but when it will be time to change them, wheels will be swapped too !

EF7 Honda CRX

Clean interior

EF7 Honda CRX

The leather steering wheel is quite original and good looking. And for the end, my first modification : install an original intake airbox … :). What a modification !!

EF7 Honda CRX

It receives a brand new air filter (OEM).

EF7 Honda CRX

EF7 Honda CRX

To finalize the first check-up of the car, some tasks were done :

  • Check coolant level
  • Drain oils and fill-in engine and gearbox with clean 10W40
  • Install new oil filter
  • Check timing belt ‘age’ and valves clearances
  • Replace braking fluid with new one
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